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Tortius Interference with Inheritances

If you have been denied your rightful inheritance, most of the time you can obtain relief by filing a Will Contest, a Trust Contest, or a Claim in the estate. If these more common causes of action cannot make you whole, in some cases you can file a lawsuit for “Tortious Interference with an Inheritance”.


Tortious Interference is a relatively new area of litigation, rare, and complicated. Mr. Shirley has been at the forefront of developing this new type of litigation. He wrote a seminal article about Tortious Interference with an Inheritance in the Indiana State Bar Association’s lead publication, which Judges on the Indiana Court of Appeals have cited as authority.


Tortious Interference is most common where the defendant took property that is not part of an estate or trust, such as insurance proceeds, retirement plans, or changed beneficiaries on bank accounts or investment accounts. Tortious Interference can also be filed before the decedent passes away if there is a risk a future inheritance is being wasted or hidden away.

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