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A family-owned business, often known as a closely held business, is a major, valuable asset. It can also be a significant problem if the family has not planned for passing it to the next generation. As you consider how your family business will pass from its current owners to its heirs, it is important to understand what tax or legal liabilities a succession plan may create. Business litigation attorney Curtis E. Shirley provides clients across Indiana with insightful, proactive counsel as they incorporate closely-held corporations into their estate strategies. Law Office of Curtis E. Shirley, LLC, is prepared to offer both business estate planning and litigation services.

Proactive Planning For Complex Business Questions

Business succession planning involves a wide range of issues related to probate laws, trust laws, federal and state tax codes, income tax, estate and gift tax rules, trial rules and evidence rules. Many disputes can arise over:

  • Valuation of the business
  • Role of “sweat equity”
  • Tax planning
  • Guardianship of elderly family members involved in the business
  • Analyzing the management structure
  • Whether to retain or sell the business, whether to sell to employees or on the open market
  • How to fairly compensate family members who are not interested in the business

Having a plan that accounts for these questions is essential. Mr. Shirley helps owners and beneficiaries of closely held businesses avoid litigation by planning for the future. Mr. Shirley can also provide clear, effective guidance if you are considering how to manage an estate of considerable wealth, an estate whose assets include a commercial or family farm, or an estate with significant outstanding debts. His combination of thorough planning and attention to emotional matters means family-owned or closely held businesses retain their value as a major asset for the younger generation.

Representation For Business Owners And Heirs

Unfortunately, attorneys, accountants, investment advisors, and other professionals may sometimes take advantage of their position. Perhaps you invested your life savings into a deal and feel cheated. Perhaps your partner or business associate has raised a dispute or filed a lawsuit. Mr. Shirley represents business owners who find themselves involved in a wide variety of disputes, such as breach of contract, securities fraud, conversion, theft, fraud, or an insurance company that refuses to pay or protect you.

Contact Mr. Shirley if you need help with business succession planning or business litigation. He can use his knowledge and experience to prevent disputes, smooth the transition to the next generation, protect you, and prosecute or defend cases in court. To schedule a consultation with Law Office of Curtis E. Shirley, LLC, call 317-439-5648 or complete his online form.