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An Expert Witness With Exceptional Experience

Skilled attorneys need articulate, compelling expert witnesses to make their cases to juries. If you or your firm is seeking an Indiana expert witness, contact Law Office of Curtis E. Shirley, LLC. Attorney Curtis E. Shirley brings over 30 years of legal experience to his Carmel practice, and he has represented clients through estate litigation and mediation across the state – serving plaintiffs, defendants, lawyers, law professors and judges. Respected for his deep knowledge of the law and his contributions to continuing legal education in his fields, including numerous publications and lectures, Mr. Shirley is diligent, detail-oriented and dedicated to his craft. These qualities are reflected in his professional service as an expert witness.

Versatile Testimony; Vigorous Preparation

Mr. Shirley can be retained as an expert witness for a wide range of litigation. He is prepared to offer testimony on matters concerning:

  • Estate planning and estate administration, including fiduciary duties, standards of care, and tortious interference in estate administration
  • Will or trust contests, when an estate document does not serve its intended purpose – especially with respect to tax exposures
  • Attorney malpractice, or an attorney’s failure to comply with a proper standard of care
  • Disputes concerning whether an attorney’s fees and rates are reasonable

Mr. Shirley approaches all aspects of his own practice with careful preparation, thorough research, and a firm commitment to expanding and exercising his knowledge of the law. A certified mediator and “lawyer’s lawyer,” his counsel is versatile, tested and trusted by Indiana professionals. Mr. Shirley’s expert testimony can lend a nuanced and insightful perspective to the above types of cases.

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If you are seeking an expert witness attorney for estate planning, administration or contest cases, or for attorney malpractice or billing cases, contact Law Office of Curtis E. Shirley, LLC. Mr. Shirley can provide the experienced testimony you need to strengthen your Indiana case. To schedule a consultation with his Carmel-Indianapolis office, or to arrange for Mr. Shirley’s travel to your area of the state, call 317-439-5648 or complete his online form.