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Tortious interference with inheritance is a relatively new, rare and complicated area of litigation. Attorney Curtis E. Shirley has been at the forefront of developing this novel challenge to the way in which inheritances are planned, administrated or disbursed. He wrote a seminal article on tortious interference with an inheritance, published in the Indiana State Bar Association’s lead publication, which judges on the Indiana Court of Appeals have cited as an authority on the subject.

If you have been denied, or feel you are at risk of being denied your rightful inheritance, the Law Office of Curtis E. Shirley, LLC, may be able to help you explore a tortious interference claim. Mr. Shirley will meet with you personally to evaluate your situation and determine which litigation strategy may be right for you.

What Is Tortious Interference With Inheritance?

Those who believe their loved one’s estate is being managed or distributed unlawfully can typically obtain relief by filing a will contest, trust contest, or another claim in the estate. If these forms of litigation cannot provide you with an effective remedy, you may be able to file a lawsuit alleging tortious interference with inheritance.

It is most common to claim tortious interference with inheritance against a defendant who has taken property that is not part of an estate, such as insurance proceeds or retirement plans, or who has changed beneficiaries on bank or investment accounts. This prevents lawful heirs and beneficiaries from receiving the assets they are entitled to. Tortious interference can also be filed before the owner of a trust or will passes away if there is a risk of a future inheritance being wasted or hidden away.

Learn How Mr. Shirley Can Help You With A Tortious Interference Claim

If you are exploring or defending yourself against a tortious interference claim, contact the Law Office of Curtis E. Shirley, LLC. Mr. Shirley serves clients across Indiana with dedicated, responsive service, with an emphasis on preserving the value of their assets. His more than 30 years of legal experience enable him to provide unique insight into complex estate disputes, and he is confident guiding cases through both mediation and litigation. To schedule a consultation, call 317-439-5648 or complete his online form.