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Preserve Your Assets Through Estate Dispute Mediation

With over 30 years of legal experience, attorney Curtis E. Shirley is respected across Indiana for his tenacity and assertiveness in estate litigation. With his practice solely dedicated to ensuring inheritances are distributed lawfully and as intended by will and trust decedents, Mr. Shirley is confident in conducting thorough research and navigating the complex processes required to successfully resolve estate trials.

However, while it is essential to vigorously protect your rights in an estate dispute, extensive litigation can reduce the value of the estate in question. When trials drag on, when parties file a deluge of motions or when court rulings are appealed, the financial cost to both plaintiffs and defendants increases substantially. Just as partygoers disagreeing over the fair distribution of an ice cream cake have the incentive to find a solution before the treat melts, so too do those challenging an estate’s distribution have the incentive to reach a resolution before litigation drains an estate’s assets. In many cases, mediation can provide an efficient alternative to litigation.

Exceptional Advocacy; Certified Experience

Mediation presents an opportunity for parties involved in a will contest or trust dispute to resolve their conflict outside of court. This can not only be more cost-effective than litigation: it can preserve the sensitive and emotional relationships estate issues threaten by avoiding acrimonious litigation.

In mediation, both parties – represented by their estate attorneys – meet to discuss their options and agree on a solution to their disagreement. A certified mediator serves as a neutral facilitator of the negotiations and helps guide the discussion to a mutually-acceptable conclusion.

At the Law Office of Curtis E. Shirley, LLC, Mr. Shirley is able to represent clients in mediation. Responsive, adaptable and committed to preserving the value of your estate or inheritance, he provides strident advocacy for your interests while building common ground with the opposing party. He is also available to serve as a certified mediator in civil disputes.

Consider A Cost-Effective Alternative To Litigation

For efficient, cost-effective solutions to your estate issue, consider the mediation services at the Law Office of Curtis E. Shirley, LLC. Carmel mediation attorney Curtis E. Shirley can represent you through out-of-court negotiations or serve as a certified neutral mediator for your discussion. To schedule a consultation, call 317-439-5648 or complete his online form.